Ontario's Fastest Growing RV Dealer
Ontario's Fastest Growing RV Dealer

Delivery...With A Difference

So, your new or used RV is ready so it's time to go, right? - Not so fast, why don't you stay a while and "test drive" it right here. Lovesick Lake RV wants to make sure you're totally satisfied with your RV purchase so we're offering you a free night at our Lovesick Lake Park to make sure that everything is "just right".

Lovesick Lake Park

Park your unit, set up and relax. Make sure that you're comfortable with all the options and features that make your RV a truly special vehicle. If you have questions, we're right here to help you. You'll hit the road feeling confident and refreshed; knowing that your Lovesick Lake RV is ready to take you where you want to go.

For details, speak with one of our Lovesick Lake RV staff. Contact us here.